The sky so blue, as endlessly

Displaying sheer majesty!

Countless the stars, shining at night,

Such beauty revealed to me!



Appreciative?  Surely cannot help it!

Am I then a rock, dirt that shows

Underneath those dirty fingers of mine,

Or beneath my shoes that shine?



Been a joy to write stuff for you,

I pray it has helped a bit.

Not like semaphore but a true message

Like real!  From the Holy Writ!



“Count, consider, it all joy!”  Sure a struggle to feel,

But remember that rugged cross

On which He died as a sinner for all!

He paid the price for our loss!



“Come unto Me…” is that not what He said?

Most gracious invitation!

“I will come to stay all my days,”

And think of the compensation!



Everlasting life with Jesus above

Consider Eternity!

Consider no enemy to shove

Or hand down misery!



Then consider Jesus, no beginning, no end!

Mightiest Savior of all!

Creator!  Redeemer!  And true through the end!

And on His name we may call!



Consider also, life with Jesus, always!

Everlastingly!  With no more fear,

Just joy and peace, time without end!

Happiness!  Endless cheer!



Is this then the end?  But who can tell?

Is not the end the beginning?

Of something, something far better?

Brand new!  Limitless inning!



But who is to tell?  Anyone left?



Just the Sam 04.03.13

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