God created you in love!

But does not force the call!

Wants you to lift your eyes and say,

I love you most of all!



Hate, in Luke 14:26,

Is a comparative term!

‘Other world love,’ just not the same,

Comparatively more firm!



God, who said, “Love you enemies,”

Could never mean despise.

Relative to anyone else,

So compare it in size!



Size, the length, breadth of your love,

Differentiate, adore.

God, who gave His life in love,

Loves you and yours much more!



Formed you compassionately

As His very own!

His very own image, too,

Am I ever alone?



Care, how could you not consider

Daily gives you thought!

When all else forget reminds,

It is your soul I bought!



Look to the One who sacrificed,

To take you home above!

How do you see that cross with spikes?

Oh, yes, I call it love!



And what is your call, can it be

Never gave it a thought?

Do not you know, He died for you?

It was you He bought!



Paul said, “I’m determined to know nothing among you

save Christ and Him crucified!”



Sam Cox  07.15.09

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