The wife bought me a copier,

Like, a million years ago!

Since then a trillion copies or more

Have contributed to the flow!



Of poetry for all my kids books,

In plastic covers, each year.

Plus near 70 of each poem to friends

At church, friends that I hold dear!



So 60 plus of four or six

Poems every week,

Distributed promiscuously,

My job, my witness, my treat.



Not something that I have to do,

May consider it a whim,

Not anticipating praise of men,

But just a witness for Him!



I do  really love my Lord!

Believe it is pleasing, too!

Each poem shows a bit of that love

A portrayal, a witness true!



To help someone think through my verse,

To draw men closer in,

This is something that I must do!

To show my love for Him!



Not that poetry is the trick,

That everyone must learn,

Just that this is my only trick,

And my sole concern!



Preaching task I did long ago!

From sea to shimmering sea!

But since I cannot preach anymore,

This pleases God and me!



These poems, love letters, 80 plus,

To many so dear to me,

Expressions of love in scriptures portend,

To make us forever free.



Free from sin, we are free because

Jesus covers each one.

Precious blood on that cruel tree,

Became sin,” (*) God’s sinless Son!



(*) 2 Corinthians 5:21

Hebrews 7:25-27



Sam Cox 07.15.09

One thought on “MY LOVE TO ALL

  1. Aye says:

    Love the poem, but totally coufesnd by the thread of comments??? Obviously, must have had something to do with your original picture? LOL. Guess it’s going to be my day of confusion

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