Mighty sequoias and tumbleweeds,

Both sprout and grow from tiny seeds!

Dandelion fluffed out to catch the wind!

The slightest breeze wafts to descend!



This yellow weed, flower, you find everywhere,

Just settles and grows, what can compare?

Germination proceeds the slightest of damp,

Just watch it grow, surrounding the camp!



Exorbitant foliage and not confined,

Hot, cold, all locations well defined!

Eyes feast on beauty!  Permanency!

To defy description!  Like, I will always see…



Potato, tomato, plants similar,

Difference consider easy to confer,

Whatever designing these seeds cannot comply

To any reaction from you or I!



Except as exhaustive questions conspire

Wanting to know!  Insatiable desire!

Contemplate, figure, but no one can know,

What started that seed, told it to grow!



No, not what!  But who get it right!

Person is involved, my truest delight!

My eyes look up as tears start to fall,

My God, Creator, I love most of all!



But what, the flower?  As beauty it will grow

God’s image, Himself planted here below.

Within this image, life worth living!

Life Eternal!  Our God is giving!



There is a black calla lily that grows,

The foulest of odors, death in repose!

Of course, can be seen, the Satanic hand,

As sinners ignoring God’s gentle command.



So evil displays its conniving face,

Rattlesnakes deadly despairing of grace!

Many plants, weeds, their connection will tell,

Here on earth where we all dwell.



Sting ray, devil fish, octopus,

Then the Devil himself, the shark gets us!

Satan has counterparts everywhere!

Sold out to him, they his nature share!



But looking now, we can clearly see

Beautiful flowers, that huge ancient tree,

Numberless plants donating their share,

Tomato, potato, sure, God put them there!



Sam Cox 07.25.09

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