This peopled planet, the rest of them,

Will they all be used?

Or is it just this vast panoply of

Stars and planets abused?



By looky-loos, who shrug it off,

Thoughtless of creation,

Thoughtless of Creator, God!

Who formed it all from nothing!



Beautiful night!  That starry sky,

Then not another thought given.

All natural, just happened there,

No purpose ever driven.



Did God have a purpose?  Oh, yes!

A plan we all may see!

One day revealed to our blind eyes,

Purposeful, delightedly!



My Angel exclaims, “Did you not hear?”

I told you many a time!”

Beauty!  The grandeur,

Is this not simply divine?



Cannot reply, heart threatens implosion,

For this my Savior died?

To show me this?  That I may live here?

For this crucified?



“Yes, yes!”  The answer not required!

Oh, yes!  I can see!

A sinner such as I forgiven?

Died, for even me!



“I tried to lead you all your life,

But with never a fear…”

Angelic hands then clasp my own,

Wonder, is that a tear?



Sam Cox 07.25.09

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