Jesus, not a sophisticate!

Had no care for degrees,

Doctor of this or doctor of that,

Why should He bend His knees?



Nor did He act, like, a know-it-all!

His speech was always clear!

The common knew what He meant!

They knew the Lord was near!



What the God of all creation,

Mastered long before time,

Master of disciples, everything! (*)

Our knowledge, you can put on a dime!



Bachelors degree, what though you have reached,

Admittedly, I still learn!

No!  I do not know everything!

But much of no concern!



God taught my mother with no degrees,

Mastered six languages!

Knew to do!  And when to let God!

Who never discourages!



Knew God’s will and how to perform,

Knew not to interfere!

Her boys were committed to God’s care,

So she had nothing to fear!



World War II in the Philippines,

First Scout leading patrol!

Mother prayed and trusted God!

Left me in God’s control!



Thought of the mad man, Jesus cured!

I am discharged and returned home,

Watched as I mowed that enormous lawn,

Knew I was not alone!



Bathed, sat at the piano, played,

Sang, first song I could find.

Mother listened then said softly,

“Fully clothed and in his right mind!”



(*) An MD at least



Me, Sam Cox 07.21.09

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