God, You made all things beautiful,

Grand and glorious for me!

I study the flowers, they all smile,

Guess this is natural to see.



When I think I have seen them all,

Then another catches my eye!

So different, varied, God did it all!

I breathe a quivering sigh!



Of course, I cannot name them all,

Suppose some people can!

I do not dissect them mentally,

Just appreciate, I AM!



Then that tiny humming bird drinks

From the font we provide.

They fly just aimlessly, fighting with

Plenty of water, why?



Remembering, what?  Eternal snows!

Seen from a church way high!

Snow stretching Far East to West,

Attempt to punch holes in the sky?



What a sight!  Sight tremendous there!

None under four miles to view!

Mount Everest just a bit to the right,

Over five miles high, it is true!



From a distance the three seem closer,

Annapurna, Kanchenjunga, and there,

Highest mountain in this old world!

Near unscaleable and fair!



Mount Everest, Great Britain named it.

Mount Everest, it will always be!

But comparing a dwarf in the sky,

To God’s vast Eternity!



Still we consider its vastness,

A temple in this land!

To human eyes its grandeur

Can we, God, understand?



Understandable, He truly is!

To us who love and learn.

His dying, living, determinedly

This considered concern!



Tiny and gorgeous to tremendous and glorious!



Sam Cox 07.18.09

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