I do know what is next while I am

Still living in the past.

I have so much there to live for

Determining what lasts!



Remembering God’s loving call,

Through loss, then comfort comes.

Urging forward repeatedly

In spite of bitter moans!



Considering the loneliness

Involved in glancing back,

I am forced into thinking gratefully,

That He kept me on track!



Often I am kept wondering,

Especially through dark nights,

With knowledge of eternity that

Land that is so full of light!



Bright light of God!  Through the darkness now,

While past predicts the present,

Light, full knowledge, prophetically,

The future effervescent!



Convincingly, the future holds

The brightest of all prospects.

All I know is what Jesus promised,

His futuristic concept.



Many others, I am thinking,

Utopias’ by the dozen,

Laughingly Nirvana, forget it!

Forever sleep for the chosen.



Now, I am chosen for  “delights

In the Lord.”  This He will give

You the desires of your heart, with

Him I have chosen to live!



Many mansions, planets galore,

Forever!  No limit to space!

Forever, no end, eternity!

See everywhere, His face!



Eternity, identity!  Yes,

You will still be you!

Forever identifiable

Once out of this zoo!



Consider this, “I will return

That you may be with me.”

To dwell forever in Heaven-land!

In blissful  liberty!



Can any promise with this compare?

Whatever else is true?

No, nothing can come anywhere near

What He has promised you!



Sam Cox  08.09

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