Material thinking develops a trend,

Exclusion to the profound!

Our thoughts so encased in matter, in things,

We cannot get our feet off the ground!



Material creatures we truly are!

Hard though to comprehend!

Paul’s suggestion exactly in sync (*)

Beyond imagination extend!



Knowledge we have but can we examine,

Material thoughts when contained?

Down deep in predictable hemispheres

But shallow as matter remains!



Are spirits controlled by matter or things?

Cold, heat, fire?  Of course not!

Materially we are hampered, at least,

Spirit world way beyond our thought!



Just what does this do to the natural self?

Will it not let us explore?

What the imagination presumes to do

Before it hits the floor!



What we do not know about this endless space,

Other planets, the Milky Way,

The great beyond without an end!

Cannot think past, far away!



Many more worlds, beyond ours, extend!

Thought tickling pure Majesty!

“Heavens declare…!” and is there yet more?

Much more than eye can see!



This mound of flesh, the Spirit contests,

This mound of flesh contained,

Spirit from flesh is seeking release

But is by the mortal detained!



One day we will escape mortal remains!

Spirits unhampered will lift!

To that other world!  Where?  Only God knows,

It is His Eternal Gift!



(*) 2 Corinthians 12:1-6



Sam Cox  07.08.09

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