Surely, you know that God loves you,

That He has gone to prepare

A place for you, to grace your soul!

Nothing below to compare!



What down here can be comparable

To the future that John saw?

Through Jesus’ description of Heaven (*)

Could Paul then ask for more?



His vision, “unlawful to utter,”

Think inexpressible!

Nothing existing on this earth

To be near comparable! (**)



Love for each other, the Christian way,

Often imperfect at best.

That in heaven will be made perfect!

Completely, no contest!



God’s creation exalted themselves,

Lucifer, with a host.

Of the once Heavenly Beings

Condemned to forever roast!



Disobedience, pride, how is it now?

Is this not the way we see?

Contamination!  Devil’s seed is sown!




Ringside, beating each other senseless,

Women displaying flesh.

Wars, wealth, wasting away!

Sounds too much like death!



Promise of life found in Jesus’ words,

“I have come that you may have life!

And have life more abundantly!”

No more ceaseless strife!



Replacing strife, the promise is life!

Abundant, complete, free!

Just how can any express this now?

God promised!  Cannot you see?



It is better than stagnation, this hope,

Hope that keeps us pure.

Growing old gracefully, whatever

God’s promise secure!



“For me to live is Christ,” Paul said,

“And to die is gain.” (***)

No reference, of course, to suicide

That continues endless pain.



God has something better for those who

Acknowledge life’s storms.

Adam’s punishment then brings joy

And peace eternal adorns!



(*)  John 14:1-4

(**)  2 Corinthians 12:1

(***)  Philippians 1:21



Sam Cox  07.28.09

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