Savior, Redeemer, you came to be

Sacrificial Lamb for all, for me!

He took my place, assumed yours, too!

A sinners cross, what more could He do?



The One who knew no sin became

Spotless, He was without any shame!

Condemned Himself!  Death on a cross!

Reserved only for criminal lost!



Murderer’s, worst!  Under the sun!

He identified as though He was one!

Taking our punishment, lest we doubt.

Cross for criminals, could do without!



But one who recognized deity!

Cried out in pain,  “Remember me!”

To the Christ who took the sinners place

“This day…”  He exclaimed, “Saved by grace!”



If in this life only, we have hope,

Miserable we are!  Can only grope

In hopelessness, pretending joy!

Irreversible pain to annoy!



To wreck havoc, judgment is rendered!

As in the days of Noah, tendered.

Repeatedly God is warning,  “Escape

My wrath to fall, before it’s too late!”



As judgment as rendered in that day!

So now impending!  What is left to say?

“The wages of sin is death,” is there more?

Everlasting pain waits at the door!



But what of the Christ, who took our sins?

He took your place!  Did He die in vain?

Punishing death from beginning of time!

Torturous death!  Committed no crime!



Sure, he took a chance!  Gambled for me!

Did He know I would say, yes?  Be free?

What of the multitudes gone before?

A few repent.  Does He long for more?



He died for all but so few, it seems,

Separate themselves that He redeems.

How His heart must break for His lost!

After giving His life on that torturous cross!



I hear a sob from that cross anew,

“Father, forgive them they know not what they do!”

They spit on Him, mocked Him, hanged on a tree.

Creator of worlds, died there for me!



Of course, I wept!  Am weeping still

Because He died on that torturous hill!

My tears will not stop until I see Him there!

Arms to receive me, new joy to share!



Sam Cox  07.23.08

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