When young I imagined a wall, way out,

That marked the end of space.

Of course, I was right for there is an end,

The end is breathing grace!



And fortuitously this was accepted

As fact by those who traversed,

Readied for the atmospheric end!

And thus this end was reversed.



By an inner, endless, breathing supply,

(Do Eternal Spirits, like, need?)

My body housed now and functioning

By a diminishing seed!



As all seeds do eventually have

An end as their beginning.

This mortal undresses in immortality

Body is conditioning!



Like, Adam and Eve had it made, I am sure!

Where did glorified begin?

Answering a Pharisaical question,

Christ’s answer ends questioning!



“We will be like the Angels above…” *

With no sexes involved

Humanities end is its beginning!

Everlasting problem solved!



But it is way too much for this poor mind!

Endemic body glorified.

“We will be like Angels above…”

With this thought I shall abide.



Jesus’ words are good enough for me!

No more cohabitation!

“Like the Angels,” are those not His words?

A brand new dispensation!



In one respect I realize,

“Like Angels,” can this be?

Be, like, my friend by my side

Through this life Eternally!



*Mark 12:25



Sam Cox 07.29.09

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