Brutality displayed that day,

Can never be explained!

Savagery within the hearts

Of sinful man contained!



They spat upon Him, ridiculed

With whips, His flesh was torn!

The mob of Pharisees gave vent

Miserable creatures deformed!



This miserable creature, Christ of God,

What was the charge trumped up?

Just every crime ever thought of

With some, the mob made up!



And a jolly time was had by all.

Then many thoughtfully

Picked up the cry, “Crucify!”

Everyone came to see.



“Who is the Christ?”  Could not careless!

Come on , it is party time!

Declare yourself an enemy!

Despicable His crimes!



But what was this crime charged to Him?

What had this god-man done?

He claimed to be the Son of God,

Yes, He claimed to be God’s Son!



So are not we all sons of God?

What is so bad about that?

But look, He really had healing powers!

So many had made contact!



Then too, consider Lazarus,

Already dead and gone!

“Lazarus, come forth!”  This friend called out!

And he did!  Grave rags adorned!



What can one say about that now?

Power over the grave?

Another thing, said that He was from Hell,

Your sordid soul could save!



And what about this clincher,

Himself seen alive and well,

By over 500 people, living!

His ascension to tell!



Actually, the only proof I need is this,

He lives within my heart!



Sam Cox  04.08.09

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