Weeping Savior in the Garden of prayer,

Suffering Master!  You will find Him there!

Crying out, knowing His cruel death,

Will capture His very last breath!



This intersession for children of men,

Pleading, “Oh God, forgive!  Please do not condemn!”

“Father, forgive them!  They truly do not know…”

Their thoughts are frivolous, where to go?



Ashes from beauty now is it not true,

To turn this about, there is much to do!

We work for the night approaches fast!

Maybe soon that God’s mercy is past!



Satanic darkness dispelling light,

This then the reason to continue to fight!

The good fight of Faith may not be long,

Before the troops sing a different song.



The song of God’s wrath against man’s sin!

Still Christ on that cross died!  Cleansing within!

Powerful Christ from dying Master

No rotting flesh conquered disaster?



In shimmering beauty transfigured the Christ,

Ascending Lord promotes pure light!

Suffering Savior now glorified Lord!

How can this be, once denied now adored!



Miraculous God!  Can Kingdom destroy?

Worshiping Him best for this old boy!

For this old boy has been saved by Grace!

I know someday I will see His Face!



I will know Him then across those Golden Sands!

By those nail scars on His feet and hands!

Adore Him forever!  Bask in His love!

Yes, Love!  There is no hate in Heaven above!



Gone miraculously up there!

Eyes once blinded by despair!



Sam Cox  03.23.09

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