The cross is not greater that His grace.

The thorns cannot hide His blessed face!

Well aware of this cross on a hill.

Golgotha, Calvary, it is still!



Place of the skull, it was well known

Through Titus, Roman ruler, thousands thrown

Down on Roman crosses, nailed.  City saw

And heard screams of agony to draw.



Birds of prey, stench unbearable!

Showing Pilate up!  Titus, the terrible!

Dead and dying, starving Jews, forced me to see

How frightening this ruler could be!



But on that rugged hill, The Christ, alone

Left heaven and came to die!  Sins to atone!

There words, prophetic of coming tragedy,

As He told the women, “Weep not for Me!”



Comparison:  the Romans, terrible.

Compare to Christ:  His love, incomparable!

Centurion gazed up, heavy sandal shod,

Cried, “Surely, this was the Son of God!”



Purpose found in this fowl tragedy,

Jesus said, “I will draw all men to Me!

If I am lifted up…”  There to die!

He named the cross, there CRUCIFY!



Sam Cox 06.13.09

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