If facts oppose what my mind is saying,

I had better examine my mind!

And those facts, can they face examination?

Has Christ been put to the grind?



The grinding began with His first assertion,

When Judas reserved the right.

Right to question divine authority,

Above the average bright!



This mind was made-up from the start,

“This life is it!  Nothing more!

“Sure, I will tag along, see what’s cooking,

“And I will handle the purse, for sure!”



So why did  the Lord put up with him?

Knew him when first he came!

Knew him for a thief, a betrayer!

Knew him not just his name!



Suppose he told those Priests up there,

Sure, had his religion!

Sure, he knew righteous authority,

Truly a steel pigeon.



We die the death of a porcupine, so

Why tell, worry about Hell?

Jesus is riding a merry-go-round where

He gets off, who can tell?



You do not accept Isaiah’s prophecy?

Of course!  What does it say?

“He was wounded for our transgressions,

Bruised for our iniquities.”



Sure He viewed it all as though it had happened!

Told 600 years ago!

Sure, it was settled, God delivered these thoughts!

How could any man know?



“Chastisement of our peace was upon Him

And with His stripes we are healed!”

Isaiah not the only Prophet to reveal,

To many it was not concealed!



the Sam  09.22.11


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