Granddaughter, I have!  Thank God!

Good wife, traveling where?

All over these states are relatives.

Visit each one of them there!



They cannot come here, she has to go!

Do not need any visitors!

I can make it,  poems to write!

And I still have all fours.



If I  h a v e  to crawl,  so be it!

Sure, God is still my King!

I will worship, serve, Him as long as I live!

Then in heaven I will sing!



Song of deliverance, freedom real!

Glorious, redemptive, real!

Fly with angels everywhere!

Wings not needed just feel.



Feel your way as spirit you can!

Anywhere  in a flash!

But I will be happy just with Him beside,

Sure, He is both “Rod and staff!”



Nothing else of comfort needed,

Nothing else I desire!

For He has cleansed me with His blood!

Purged by Holy Fire!



If only this feeling could last!

It will!  As I abide!

Forgetting those things, past is past!

Living in Him, “ABIDE!”




Now, did Job ever ‘keep the faith’?

Suffering as he did?

Faithless wife urged, “Curse God and die!”

Abiding that was his bid!



That’s what he did!



Ole’ Sam  7-25-11

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