What is life all about?  What?

Sure, “Image of God,” we know.

Christ came to earth, a baby, a man!

We saw Him learn and grow!



Image of God!  Of course!  What else?

We are not god-like!  Why?

Sin separates!  Does likeness change, too?

Looks deceive, sure, we die.



We look at Adam, Abraham, sure!

Mephibosheth, him, too!

Imperfections, sin!  Sure, it lays claim,

We know what sin can do!



Sin changes things!  Out of the Garden,

Out of Eden!  But see

For all who are changed by Christ’s presence,

Another Eden!  For free!



Paradise so near heaven’s shores,

Although not all that clear!

The where or what just leave to God.

Surprise me, Lord!  Do I hear?



God of surprises!  Just leave it to Him,

But good, bad, heaven, hell,

No surprise!  There!  All so clear!

The bad know all too well!



Who live for this day nothing beyond,

Death of a beast, life then,

Life of the beast, the death of one

No Nirvana for him!



Nirvana yes, some think City Neath a hill

Consider:  city not near big enough,

Planetary system!  Who then can know?

Not Biblical, Satanic bluff!



Should we not, then, leave it to God?

Surely His plan, you know!

City, planetary, God’s ideas far

The best for creatures below!



Sam 07.29.11

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