READ: 1 COR. 2:9

Blessed the Sabbath, sure, Saturday!

Lolling around with nothing to do!

I dream a bit, thoughts worth remembering,

Well, some of them surely true!



Then think of Heaven, so naturally,

At ninety-three, surely my right,

To compare notes of Heavenly bliss!

With imagination bright!



Imagination will not even come close,

Is that not what Paul is hinting?

Great things!  God had prepared for us!

Much better than money minting!



Visionary Paul, surely can be believed.

“Eye has not seen, nor has ear heard–”

Great things God is preparing for all

Who believing accept His Word!



I Cor. 2:9 makes the promise.

Sure, we will be, like, flabbergasted!

Just cannot imagine what God has arranged,

For all those who have fasted?



No, no forget fast those who anticipate

Who truly “love His appearing…”

Looking forward to that fantastic event

By those who love Him, not fearing.



Imagination completely defunct, we

Cannot begin to see, even

With our new eyes of faith what God,

Has planned, the degree–



Of His pure passion delighting,

In the brilliance creating.

Completely, so joyously, He does love us so.

The angels He is commanding.



Can you not see?  Then imagine it?

Angels doing His bidding!

Happiest people just any anywhere!

Sure, and I am not kidding!



“Delight means anticipate”

Eagerly planning.

Joyously contemplating,

All hatred banning!



That has to be Heaven!



Sam Cox  – going there!

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