Did God not promise a happy home?

“I go to prepare a place…”

Eyes have not seen nor ears heard, nor

Entered the heart through grace.



What God has prepared for those who love,

Anticipate His appearing!

Born again the criterion we are

Rejoicing!  As time is nearing.



Anticipation, surely we trust!

And obey just no other way.

Forgiveness promised all of us

As we repenting pray!



“Forgive us our sins” as truly sought,

No half-hearted approaching

If you will seek Me with all you heart.

Listen up!  My God is speaking!



                   God speaks, of course!  And He is understood!

“Still small voice” the calling.

And the voice of thunder!  Better believe!

Like, with shrapnel falling!



God protected!  And I responded,

Prepared for the ministry,

The Service helped with 3-years tuition,

To my way of thinking free!



Azusa Pacific, sure, I redied!

With heart attuned the pleasure!

Donna sure!  The love of my life!

This God bestowed treasure!



Small churches, across the U.S. of A!

Seemed like could barely make it!

How did we do a new car every 2 years?

Well, of course, God supplied it!



Like a 5-point charge:  15 miles between each!

And now tell was this arranged?

2-morning, 2-evening and one Monday night!

John Wesley, too constrained.



After 3 years of 5 churches I was promoted to 2 each Sunday.



Sam Wesley Cox 09.13.11

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