Did the Dalai Lama know?  Was

It, like, prophesy?

Or maybe just, like, guesswork.

Just had to wait and see!



Did not happen!  I am still living,

Sure, that path was slippery!

Did not fall into the river,

Death then not my destiny.



Not a crocodile or panther,

Sure, God was there to aid!

Always able to deliver,

Know that He can save!



Awakened then!  Sure, relieved that,

Then in that river, what portend?

I reached out for a lilly pad

Father’s oar came down (up) to end.



Near disastrous charade!

Sure, crocodilian nose!

He splashed away, to end it,

I shivered to my toes!



Later on a “crock” got under,

Our boat and carried us

Sideways near tipped over.

Uncle Fred did what he must!



Had shotgun fully loaded close

To the water.  Shotgun roared!

Boat released, then, from father,

“We return now.  Cannot afford–



“To lose a passenger or four,

River’s full or crocodiles,

We will not tell mother, at the tent!”

Cannot afford to miss her smile.



Father tempted fate quite often!

Then this village, preached Christ there,

With the small pox, was infested!  Dad

Caught the dread fever.  Not rare!



Died in the big tent, 2 weeks later,

Campfire we heard singing.

Natives exclaimed:  “Sahib, is well?”

No!  Bells of heaven ringing!



the Sam

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