PSALM 119:97-120, READ IT

The Bible stands!  Sure, known as The Word.

Word of God, of course!

Testimonies it stands alone.

Ordinances!  With force!



Of course, commandments!  To be sure!

Believe!  Obey them and live!

Righteous judgments!  Can you not see?

Sure, promising to give.



Testimonies of all the Great Ones.

Statues, with all complete!

If we keep them!  But how can this be?

Heard of the Judgment Seat?



Sure, “There is none Righteous, no not one”.

How then anticipate?

The joys of Heaven?  “Wages of sin…”

“Death” to many, too late!



All hearts should tremble!  Falling way short

With fear of Hell eternal!

But Jesus gave His Life for sin’s wage,

Cruel cross, discernible!



Sure, the naked eye could see!  And cringe!

Sight of One hanging  there.

Held  by spikes to die painfully!

But the self-righteous could not care!



Suffered there!  Yes, the suffering Christ!

The Son of God who gave

His own life, yes, of course He suffered!

All my soul to save!



Reaction?  Surely it grieves the heart

Of God of love to see

The way we treat this knowledge, His love,

So adamantly!



Could not care less, our attitude,

Nails, spikes, a cross!

Wear it, see it, just everywhere!

Forgetting the pain, the loss!



Sam Cox  08.29.11

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