“Time out!  I am trying to be Holy”

While the world rushes on!

Of course, my thoughts are Holy at times,

As I am leaning upon–



The everlasting virtue of Him!

For He alone is good!

We cannot be virtuous even when

We are behaving as we should.



The things I do, do not combine,

To provoke me to holiness,

Either I am saved or I am not.

I am not the one to contest!



I am treated by Him as though holy

Whether liking my terms or not.

If I am His child, I am holy

Since I have rejected that blot!



Thinking so wrong!   Distorted, too!

God is real, sure you know!

You have seen His workings everywhere!

Singing birds!  Trees that grow!



So does life take another direction now ?

Now that you know you are His son!

Adopted, of course, His by your choice!

You worship now, only One!



Only One to make a difference

True directionally!

I am His child!  He is my God!

His eternally!



It is not a matter of perfection, only God can see,

He only can claim

Holy perfection, yes, only He!

Creator God, His Name!



Understood:  we are imperfect!  We pray:  forgive our sins!

As we forgive those who wrong us:  Holiness enters in!



The Sam 09.05.11

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