God blessed me with a forgetter,

Stuff I can lay aside!

Names, now can any remember?

Sure, know that face, abide!



Abide the recognition!

Forever love that face!

Abide that lasting memory

Deliberate that Grace!



So gently the words spill out!

How that memory still lasts.

A bridge we crossed remembered still!

So many ages past!



Why should I remember words,

When thoughts pursued continue.

The thrill of recognition,

Do not think we need a menu.



That smile so sad!  I picture now

Thinking might have been.

Sure, it will be!  The future brings a

Tomorrow:  enter in!



Not just a dream over a wishing-well,

Not just a figment new.

A place we know existing real!

Where all those dreams are true!



the Sam 09.06.11

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