When my father died, of course, devastation!

For you see he was my god!

Of course, I was taught right, devotional time,

But through it all, dad was lord!



Devotions, of course, only a form,

Night just, “lay me down.”

Of course, it was father through everything!

Oh, yes, he wore the crown!



King George IV, British King, that time

England seemed ruled the world!

At least here and there, India, included.

British Union Jack, unfurled!



“God Save the King!”  Then India, of course!

At school the anthem rang!

Same tune U.S., “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.”

Each morning sang–



At school propriety emphasized!

And as England, ruled the world,

So to speak, just a casual thing!

At least here and there, controlled.



Though India’s rupees changed not at all,

The pounds, shillings and pence,

Though legitimately still but a friendly rule,

King George honored then.



Prince of Wales, sure honored much.

Oh, just a casual thing.

In church we sang, “Holy, Holy, Holy,

To Our Creator King!”



Father, mother, both Britishers

So U.S.A. not recognized,

Not even considered, the President,

That they should confide.



But through it all King Jesus ruled,

Missionary’s hearts always!

Preached and loved wherever sent!

Throughout all their days!



Perspective soon diminished, sadness!

And we could feel joy again!

Worshiping God, my father served!

In heaven no sorrows or pain!



the Sam  01.22.13

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