Fire cannot burn without oxygen but

Add an element, put it out!

Two parts hydrogen to oxygen, one

Wetness there is!  No doubt!



Separate those elements in water

What is it?  It is water no more!

Inseparable is the love of Christ!

Cannot hate the one you adore!



Man is God’s crowning creation!

So intricately he is adorned!

Yet (check it out) all his components

Can in plain dirt be found!



It is only omnipotence working,

Can cause such a trick to be!

But without that, “breath if life He breathed,”

I could never be me!



Contained within this intricacy

Is the incomprehensible!

The never to be recognized miraculous,

Understandably unknown!



One cannot conceive the miraculous,

Independently working against

The well-known laws of the natural,

Yet there is no defense!



God’s crowning creation, what has he done

With mind conceiving inventions,

Automotive combustives to

Microscopic dimensions.



Pick up and distribute sound electronically.

Computers and the like left around,

Fly upward and outward supersonically.

Look!  Some nowhere to be found!



Except provide where provision is nil

Where out of nothing comes good!

Where miraculous constitutes the norm

This only my God could!



(Who or what can separate us from the love of Christ?

Maybe unbelief, doubting, but God is faithful and

loving!  He will fight for you!  No charge!

Just your life!  Please take it, Lord!)



the Sam 08.16.10

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