In the glory of the Heavens, God’s hand is seen,

Sure, seems long it is true, but has not always been!

“In the beginning God created…” does not matter when,

But this earth is His creation!  All things started then!



A staggering number of stars, I look up and see!

As the man in the moon looks down and ogles at me.

Just 8,000 miles, I think, to the other side,

But near the center, think I will hop a ride.



Many believe that is where Satan abides,

Not confined yet.  It is just where he hides.

He has been everywhere, his, like, fun never ends!

Many will join him, oh yes, he has friends!



Oh, heroes to the Devil, a college song goes,

“With him we will revel,” who wrote?  No one knows.

Whoever wrote it gets no brownie points,

Just a rattle-brain and an ache in the joints!



Satan is a spirit, all are well aware!

Other evil spirits, I am sure will be there!

In Hell what a shriek!  Cussing all around!

One guy drops dead!  Just cannot stand the sound!



Oh, that is right, hereafter no dropping dead allowed,

As Spirits, who cares about a stinking shroud?

Confused, oh yes, of course!  It is all around!

Already got a place for me, while still above ground!



Salvation confined to just those who deserve.

My life up and down, on a bend or a curve.

Final delivery, oh, may I soon be there,

Forgotten the past, with Angels I will share!



Condemned to hell but from sin set free,

That is what Jesus, my God, did for me.

He did the turn, He condemned himself!

He set me free, put me on the shelf,

Condemned Himself for me!



Sam Cox  09.07.10

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