God loves all He made, but His delight is

In those who return

His love, even though imperfectly,

Still willing to learn!



And return, necessitated!

As Psalmist who decreed,

His determination to follow God

Wherever he would lead!



Whether green pastures or still waters,

Even valley of tears!

Or the shadow of death when faced

With Satan’s taunts and jeers!



Whether through people but realize that

Satan surely uses

A friend or even close relative

For unintentional abuses!



“Slip of the tongue,” later realized,

But the hurt, so long done!

God is forgiving but can we expect

Hurt forgotten by one?



Expected to nourish and love always!

Kind words to anticipate!

Or is, “I love you,” made meaningless

By a turn of fate?



A “slip of the tongue,” or mouth muted,

Though not intended to hurt!

Though I take it back still not enough!

Sure, I still feel like dirt!



Forgiveness such a wonderful word!

Surely we know who taught and/or

Dealt to even His enemies for

Unspeakable torture wrought!



Crucifixion surely we realize

Religious folk proclaimed it!

Priests of long ago, Pharisees and Scribes,

Only Christians could change it!



By loving and by living for and in Him!

As Jesus intended!

Sure, not popular by those who perish

Or many who pretend!



the Sam  01.14.13


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