So blue that sky, everlasting blue!

Beautiful blue through the night!

Earth we live on so huge!  Compare

To all living things down there!



Stars so huge appearing so small

At night!  Just so far away!

Encompassing this tiny globe,

As if trying to say–



“Mix it up!  Then scatter abroad!”

Throughout this endless sky!

Causing men to tiptoe in awe!

Then maybe wonder why?



Mankind does not wonder over his thoughts,

So small!  Loving what, money!

Sure, currency much greater than all

And so much sweeter than honey!



Money can purchase food and pleasure,

Our smallness can compare!

To that bee seeking the nectar of

Many flowers out there!



Find new meaning to, “How great thou art!”

Seeing that tiny insect!

Feeling the sting of that honeybee!

Incredible the contest!



This universe, “The work of His fingers,”

Earth, the only peopled?

How can this be?  So many planets!

Churches, so without steeples.



How very small we be in comparison,

Compare not considering space.

Significantly unimportant, too,

Expecting God’s Grace!



Mercy there was great!  And grace was free!

Pardon there multiplied to me!

There my burdened soul found liberty,

Found at Calvary!



Never ending this process of dying to self,

Sure, it must have its own way!

Satan, of course, is leading in this!

Know it!  What is left to say!



the Sam knows  1.15.03

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