Which is greater, the frog or the tadpole?

Tadpole because it can change!

Definitely will not remain.

Functions to rearrange.



Surely will not remain the same!

Like, reorganized physically!

Tail not needed with legs added

And different socially!



Seek out, be social, with other frogs.

That tadpole sure, he is gone!

Slimy, legless!  What more is left to say?

Must stay with his own, no song!



But only change that frog can make

Is death!  Annihilation!

While from egg, chicken emerges!

Maybe closer to evolution.



Closest you can come to that process,

It is the only thing.

In embryonic society

As similar species cling.



God made creatures of every kind!

Though eschatolically may resemble.

A chimpanzee or orangutan, they for

Trees, God did assemble!



“Created man in His own image!”

Difference I will declare,

Man builds his own house!  Monkey’s have trees.

How then do we compare?



Poems are made by fools, like me!

While only God can make a tree!

That makes other trees when acorns fall!

God did it all for me!



“In the beginning God created!”

Though not high society.

“I live in a house by the side of the road,

And just write poetry!”



the Sam  1.11.13

94 and still writing

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