My God, You are so wonderful to me!

You are wonderful and I see,

Creator God and lover of a  !

And ruling in Majesty!



But despised and hated, Satan’s first cause.

Christ, rejected by men

Crucified, died in agony!

Still our Savior when…



Once accepted and leave Devils Den,

Saved!  For Eternity

Devil is angered!  And we rejoice!

Each day, forever FREE!



Your beauty exceeds all the Angels,

Reflected in all you have made!

That everlasting sky!  Gorgeous flowers!

Resting in evening shade!



Crystal pools from waterfalls fed!

Rocks made smooth by all

The water falling, weather beaten.

Yes, I hear the call!



Call of the weathered, stronger because

Of toughening storms of life.

As man, Jesus, stronger through trials,

Sleepless, praying through strife!



And truly dread through Eternity of

The life you would have to lead.

Suffering and crucifixion

Laughed!  As they watched you bleed!



Crucified GOD!  Hard to reconcile,

Their maker, loving, true!

Still He cried out, “Father, forgive them,

They know NOT what they do!”



Ever since Adam and Eve disobeyed,

Reflection of Satan’s place.

Cross only answer to sinfulness.

And Heaven’s Eternal Grace!



gratefully, the Sam 01.08.13

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