“Come, get it!”  My action saying

As I held that grenade high.

Enemy down behind those trees,

Waved it, then planted it, too.



A path they had beaten beneath those trees,

It was a booby trap I had set.

Guards they had planted to watch activities,

To get all they all they could get!



Knew they were losing and desperate too, to

Save what they still had left

Of their own lives, left of the enemy.

They were hidden below that cleft.



Cleft in that hill behind those trees,

Of course, I was risking it,

My life!  Left of this sole G. I.

Skin and bones and a beard to fit!



I knew it was risky but did not care!

Squad Leader, “He is nuts!”

Though quite aware of his respect!

Once heard him tell, ‘he has guts!’



The 503rd Parachute, Corregidor.  I tried to capture some fame!

Famous they were!  Now, I am part of it!  Sure, I was proud of that name!

How we strutted, once on leave, so proud of that famous name!

Did not bother to salute Officers, jump-boots insignia very same!



The 503rd, of course, Wake Island!

Glad to be still alive!

Reputation enviable!

Unconscious of unassumed pride!



We as Christians today are to walk humbly,

Describing the Master’s Walk.

Jump boots insignia, all meaningless

Once part of the Master’s Flock!



We strive to be like Him!  Not strutting along,

As though we owned everything.

More like the Master, now we would be!

To Him humbly cling!



We are not brave, facing one to the other,

Life much preferred with Him!

My God, crucified for all!

We live now and then IN HIM!



That’s forever, Son!



the Sam 12.17.12

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