Christmas a mere holiday most of the world around.

India, Tibetan Highlands can be heard the sounds,

Silent Night, Holy Night, Joy to the World!

Even in China and Russia, atheist controlled.



Brings a tear to the eye of Africa’s savages,

Where time-out is observed, wildest ravages

But remembering, as you do, gifts given received

Without a thought of Christ-child, Heaven conceived!



We grow up wishing presents, sure, even aged,

Gift exchange, Santa Claus.  Sure he’s the rage!

Heathendom established, British American way!

Wonder what cannibals in around have to say…



But what about us exchanging gifts with one another?

Gifts were given by Wise Men to The Child’s Mother.

She received gifts given out of love for Him,

Truly wise, they knew that God was within.



So today gift exchange should be done with thought,

Not what they need, keep in mind bought

Us with the price, His Life on Calvary!

Torturous death of 6 hours for you and me!



Why then should I not arrogate demands on the flesh?

What then, His horrible death for me!

Think then, could I even bear the thought

Of torturous Calvary?



Destined for that punishment on that cruel cross.

Could any even think, horrible thought!

As a boy, He knew what awaited His future.

Just think of the shudder that brought!



“Man of Sorrows.”  Such contemplation!

So hideous that knowledge!

Of dying, sure, yes He knew that He would!

Our sins, from such carnage!



“Lay not this sin to their charge.”  His cry,

With blood, their spit hanging there

On His face!  Crown of thorns on His brow,

While tormentors laughed!  Not a care!



the Sam 12.18.12

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