We demonstrate God’s power through our

Willingness to love!

Even many who do not love back!

As from heaven above!



Now deliberate with me awhile,

Say if you love only those

Who do in return, like, a payback,

May as well twiddle your toes!



Pure Love of God without partiality.

It will never ever let us go!

He went to and through Hell for us.

The Calvary cross tells us so!



Not just suffering so horribly!

Spikes holding His swaying form,

Shame of it, covering every sin!

Ever sinned to conform.



Conform to all wickedness ever perpetrated!

By any criminal ever lived!

To commit the dirtiest deed ever done!

Not even seeking, I forgive!



But God does forgive anyhow!

We know that from the cross!

Did He not die for every sin?

Yes, He took all the pain and loss!



God, the purest of the pure acclaimed

Holiness!  Unbounded!

Did not turn away from our filth!

Took it all, compounded!



Yes, He died a most painful death!

And shameful for flighty me!

And this, not for time alone,

But everlastingly!



Know what?  That’s forever!!



the Sam 12.13.12

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