Venturesome suppose the young can do it,

5 churches, 3 years, I live to prove it!

High cost of driving, this alone spent

Salary I made, surely a big dent!



No luxuries afford, what is left to say,

New car every 3 years, pay as we pray.

Many dirt roads then tough on the tires,

Scenery not bad and sometimes inspires!



“Can you dig it?”  Sorry that is old army.

Now at 94 nothing alarms me.

I fought in that war, lead a patrol,

Later preached 9 churches, not too droll.



Exciting to say the least!  And much, much more!

Much to write about!  Did I live before?

Speed on those dirt roads!  Protection for sure!

2 years of that all a car could endure!



A daughter now near fifty and some,

Grade school back then and when it was done

High school, Ventura, Clyde Beatty, I knew.

Wild animals trained, the tigers true!



Visited often!  Died, had his funeral then,

Good man but Christian?  Just do not know. (*)

Can only hope that I will see him there, but

Without wild animals as below.



After Ventura I pastored one more church,

Making 9 all told, sure a 3-year man

Most of them small, Ventura newer, large

30 years pastoring.  You just do what you can!



No regrets through it all, well maybe one,

Retired then salesman, contributive?  None.

If I had kept on pastoring, preaching task,

A better example for my son!



Praying each day, Dear Lord, “Forgive.”

Cannot do over, one life here to live.

I know He forgives, but can I forget.

Heaven, forever remembering yet?



(*) To me shame!



The Sam 12.12.12

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