My 5th or 6th jump from a plane

Like, some sixty years ago,

Striving to earn my ‘Folded Wings.’

This one I had to show!



Next to me a scared trooper,

Could not control the shakes.

Last jump he plain froze in the door,

Just one more chance, the breaks!



“Sam, change places with me,” he begged.

This jump I got to make.

Switch accomplished!  But it was noted,

Jump Master not on break!



He took note of completed switch,

Then just to make sure,

Got behind the last man in the stick,

To shove us through the door!



His push was mighty!  All fell out!

One on top of the other!

But then I am floating near the ground,

On the chute of one under.



He yelled, “Get 53-4  *!#%*#  and my chute!”

I saw, pulled hard and slid past.

My own, like, folded and I hit the dirt!

HARD!  And traveling fast!



Near unconscious I made a quick check,

Operative dealt a kick!

“Get up gold brick,” fancy pants yelled,

Then another kick!



Made it!  Then just two more to go.

What is a man got to do

To prove that he is a man,

Live past ninety-two?



I am ninety-four now and still crying,

“Dear Lord, take this boy home!”

Nothing is important now but heaven!

Where never walk alone!



Walk or fly, we will not need wings!

Heaven what more is there?

Glory beyond?  Sure, know real soon!

The real land of Promise SHARE!



the Sam 12.06.12

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