Tumultuous the wind that grew that night!

Though I hid my fears and by candlelight

I made light of the storm, though first I had prayed.

Son, then on the linoleum, played.



Dad quite confident, so why not be,

While the storm screamed tumultuously.

Linoleum formed waves from wind beneath,

Ron jumped from one wave to the next, bare feet!



Jerome, Iowa, one of 5 points I held,

A five-point charge, Circuit Rider compelled.

Small, about 15 miles apart, a small,

Very small start.



Three years it grew, a move 2 less the points,

Does God take care of the ones He anoints?

And then some, new car every 3 years,

So many miracles He bestows, what is to fear?



God has supplied all!  What is there to need?

Elijah was fed by ravens!  The deed

Not too great for our God back then.

Daniel in a den of lions, safe from the men.



Miracles plus did not seem like much then so

But now I marvel as the wife and I go,

And we are still well supplied much we give away,

Missions, church, but what can I say?



Exceeding, abundant and away above all

We could ever “ask or think,” heeding His call,

To give, pay, the tithe and offering, too!

Time honored precedent nothing new!



Check it out, Saints of God, who do not brag as I,

For boasting is out, would rather die!

I was just quoting to encourage

To tithe and to give!



The “Liberal Soul shall be made fat!”

A promise, what to do with that?

I believe it and practice, of course, still!

I do not give enough, confess, Jesus gave all!






the Sam 12.12.12

2 thoughts on “FIVE-POINT CHARGE

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