Tenderly He watches over this 94 year-old!

Do not need to hear it over again but I am told.

Deliberating, do folk resent that I still feel a prod?

Sure, feelings are hurt and I sense how He felt when He trod.



This painful path so long ago, for like, thirty-years and more,

Near the waters of Galilee and along Jordan’s shore.

Teaching this new way of LIFE, a new birth involved!

You “Must be born again!”  Then was the problem solved?



“Just how do you suggest that we be born again?”  The cry!

“Enter again the mother’s womb?”  Did I then hear Jesus sigh?

But many there were who discovered Truth!  And not just the few!

Miracles, even raised some from the dead!   Then Himself, empty tomb!



Problem solver, Jesus.  Compress Him!  No can do!

Fed five-thousand hungry folk, impossible but true!

Walked on water!  Then when Peter tries, sank after 3 steps.

Sure, a feat but Faith the answer!   Any other concepts?



Faith is the victory, a song sung often, but ask how?

Can we reach out and by touching folk heal?   Does God allow?

So I have known a few in the past, touching folk to be healed,

One stands out, like, untouchable!   So proud his fate seemed sealed!



Many healers, great names in the past,  yes, we have known.

Some in pride, self-exaltation, lifted up!  Now unknown!

Did not last!   Touch, sure, God’s touch lasting through the years!

God is loving and I am content to stay or go!  No fears!



Believe on the Lord, Jesus Christ, to be saved!  Good enough for me!

He saves, keeps and He satisfies and through pain I see,

Necessity to walk humbly!  And so someday to be

More like the Master in His walk, love tenderly!



To be like Jesus, is this not the aim of Saints?  True!

And did He suffer?  And should we, would be then be renew!

Suffering allowed but through 90 some years,

God has been with, shared all pains and fears!



Sleeping in holes dug, like, forty or some years ago,

Sure, many died.  Did I outlive all?  So

Something to do, sure, the preaching task!

Now it is just poetry as in old age, I bask!



Basking Sam 12.03.12

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