Numberless just cannot count that high!

Living creatures on earth and sky!

Yes, in the sea, what have we there,

Full of  life!  Way beyond compare!



Compared to what?  The stars in heaven!

The sea alone holds limitless!

Uncountable the varieties!

Do not even try, endlessness.



Crossbreeding can account for much!

Of numberless employment,

Creatures in and above the waters

For our awe and enjoyment!



Can anyone doubt God’s creative work?

So many just shrug and shirk,

Counting as nonessential the wonder

The panoply above and under.



Sky, the earth, below and above,

What God has done, does it prove love?

One can only sigh and exclaim,

Praise to The One who will not disdain!



The commonplace, what just is that?

Head and that brain under that hat.

Expressing some wonder, now and then,

No!  Shout!  Exclaim!  Using that pen!



For emphasis God did it all!

Even made Satan before his  fall!

Lucifer, then Angel, above all above,

The Angelic Host, God expressed His love!



Then even entered the sea by dark.

Then filled that hungry angry shark

With hate, Satanic to destroy all.

All that crossed his trail, loved none at all!



Does God love everyone?  And why?  Pray tell

So many folk are choosing hell?

Can any explain love of God?

A lost soul saved needing love.



Were you ever there?  Look at you now,

Despised, once rejected, did God allow

A bright shining light to glow within,

Filling with goodness, cleansing from sin!



the Sam 12.04.12

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