After that wild dream, Oh, Dear God,

Give me something!  I pray!

Something to be thankful for?

Is that what I mean to say?



My thoughts go round, I am thankful thinking,

Have everything that I need!

Desires of heart, sure!  Do not need much,

Food is on the table!  So  feed!



Ancient typewriter, just, like, picked it up

Off a pile of discards.

Years gone by, when computer took over,

Left there like a pile of shards.



My heart, my soul, flowing through this thing,

The type smallish but clear!

Soul invisible but it is there,

A very part of it and near!



Flubs I make typing it corrects

As I think things through again.

Sometimes I think it thinks for me,

The time involved, I can.



Of course I know it is inanimate,

But by weight alone it contrives,

To make it sing and I think it could

And would as it decides!



Heavy!  Not like these flimsy things,

That pass now to process!

Collaborate or whatever they do!

Way beyond me, I confess!



I am going nowhere till Jesus comes,

Then I am Heaven-bound!

See you there, pray you are ready

And not like hanging around!



That processor not going along,

Oh, typewriter stays, too!

For Heaven has other plans for this lad,

God alone knows what I will do!



Do not even attempt making plans for that!

Above dimensionally!

God’s thoughts so much higher than ours.

You will need new eyes to see!



Or access in coexisting with

A few other saints on high!

This we know, we shall be like Him!

With our Lord and Savior, now on High!



the Sam, still low! 12.03.12

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