As daylight fades into twilight shades,

Coolish the breeze now grows!

Summer is passing as fall now nearing,

But back east winter shows!



Our sunny climb though seems like forever,

Nearly never the rain!

Snow?  Only in the mountains yonder!

Mornings a bit frosty, no pain!



Does God gaze down at us disappointed?

Show no thankfulness ever!

Stroll as though we alone are important

Praise Him for blessing?  Never!



Or even pray for the snowbound back east,

Or enter the picture somehow,

By sharing or praying just a thought.

Or not even a thought allow?



Unthankful, unholy, the verdict comes home

With only a form processed.

Form of godliness denying the power

Or seeming like but repressed!



Will God show His hand when we react,

What can I do except pray?

Then do it!  Start now with all your heart!

Do not put it off another day!



Prayer changes things, people, too!

Grateful heart a giving heart.

Thankful for what God gives we give,

And this is just a part!



God wants your heart!  Your life, do not you see?

If He has you, what you possess

Belongs to Him, without equivocation

I have given all, I confess.



And what is that but a paltry bit,

As if I had anything.

He gave His life on a cross of shame!

To what do I then cling?



the paltry Sam, confessing

Date-wise; who cares?

Oh, well, okay date-wise 2nd last day in November 2012

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