Season’s Greetings!  Well, I guess that’s fine.

Merry Christmas!  Does miss the Divine!

It is Divine!  Yes, know as tenderly

Wrapped in birthing clothes, Wise Men see…



Shepherds saw Him first, humble to adore!

Wise Men from the East, then gifts to bestow!

Little did they realize that sometime later

Gifts of gold and silver would prove a help in danger.



Danger of the edict all boys to be killed!

Flight to Egypt saved them!  Death then not until,

He had had made His point, for all the world to see,

That Christ must give His life first on Calvary!



Born to die!  Can this then be a celebration?

Born to die!  But His life a joyous collection

Of happy people, delivered from their sins!

Oh, yes!  Sickness even death!  His miracles to win!



So come and go with me.  He accustomed to the crowds,

One soul could not quite make it.  She just touched His robe,

Sensed pure healing flowing through her!

That is why He came.  Can we not concur?



He born to seek, heal, and save on black Calvary!

That rugged hill, Golgotha.  Mary came to mourn, to see.

Some who were healed by Him now yelled crucify!

It was just the thing, flow with the crowd.  Dare anyone deny?



Time or two in the faraway past, like, Peter, I denied!

Afraid to ridicule, then later ashamed, like, Peter I hid and cried!

Just so we can feel shame, return to Calvary,

Just so it gives me strength to aim to others free!



the Sam 12.20.11



Merry Christmas (???)

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