In the cross of Christ, I glory!  Yes,

That torture meant for me.

Claimed all that suffering for self

My responsibility!



For it is true, Satan wants all!

Sure, he hates you, too!

So he hates God, us much more so!

Would put all in the zoo!



Accomplishment, to dust we return,

However, did he forget?

Man has soul, will live forever!

Gambled and lost that bet.



His bet in sin we all will die!

Buried low in the grave!

So did he not know Christ claimed that death

For all sinners, souls to save?



But did not God lose that for all?

Many for sin turn away

From that gift Jesus offers,

Choose the Satanic way!



Why just why would people prefer

Eternal death to real life?

Everlasting!  A place in God’s Heaven

And end of Satanic strife?



Why?  You do not know?  Devil had blinded

Eyes of many to truth!

Would rather take Satan’s big lies,

They have accepted since youth!



Like have fun!  That the life in sin provides

Today!  As a mortal!

Immortal you are not, death the end!

There is no Heavenly portal!



Believe on the Lord Jesus and be saved.

This just the preacher’s tirade.

Believe it, you will miss all the fun

Life offers every slave!



That you are!  A slave to the sinning!

Only Christ can deliver!

Deliverance comes!  Then you will find joy!

In Christ’s presence forever!



the Sam hath spoken The Word!

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