Singing I go along life’s road, praising the Lord.

Hymns that I sang so long ago my Lord adored,

Sang over and over again.  What God gave,

Tuneful voice that God gave me went out so brave!

Of Jesus’ love my signature.



Not showing off!  Just can’t help singing it!

Voice I am given, melodies!  I use it!

Brighten where you are, one way to share.

Love of Jesus at home and everywhere!

Oh, let it be just a voice!



Crying in this wilderness of sin!  “Come to Me!”

“All who are weary, burdened, I will give rest!

Take My yoke upon you, lean now on Me.”

There are many ways, I will show the best!

Pleading now, I will give you rest!



Oh, so many possible roads to take,

Zoroaster, Hindu, Mohammed, all are fake.

Somewhat airy not new, the ‘I AM’ movement

Sure, all are downgrade, cults, all fake!

(Check them out.  They are downgrade.)



Jesus claims, “I am the Way, The truth, the Life.”

No one comes to the faith, save through Me!

He has made paths clear, for many out of strife!

Wealthy, the beggar, from sin can be free!

And make heaven certain home!)



Delight in The Lord and He will give you

Desires of your heart!  A promise so true!

Proven many Christians around this old sphere,

But do not bother checking, go with me here!

(As God leads the way!)



the Sam does know the Way 11.30.14

“Way of the Cross leads Home!”

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