Do not you suppose that our God has

Like, a wild streak about?

Well, He does!  Consider creation,

Sure, it leaves no doubt!



Buzzard,  sure!  And these crawly things,

Big fish, Jonah in the sea.

That huge whale, we gently approach.

Sure, God’s eye is on me!



Have we not learned to respect that

Lion about to spring?

Or that cobra ready to strike!

Even that creeping thing.



Alligator creeping, that Father shot,

Sure, has suitcases made!

Then natives ate that smelly flesh!

That we would gladly trade!



For the skinning of that reptile

And further processing.

Needed to fashion suitcases

From that monstrous thing!



Get an idea of use derived,

From creatures God made,

Plus the venison God provided

Meat on the table, laid!



That father laid out with his .30-06

On India’s northern shore,

Preaching the Gospel and feeding natives

Other uses for more!



His son, me, used in killing people,

In the big World War II.

It was war, of course, still no excuse,

Even when ordered to do.



Sure we all sin!  Near everyday!

Though some seems more sinful

Even when ordered to make the kill!

Can it be called, willful?



Does God forgive even that killing?

Yes, but we must request!

In faith believing that He forgives!

Cross delivers conquest!



the Sam  11.30.14



I have humbly requested God’s forgiveness!

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