If only I had followed closer in the past,

Sinning would be less or nil!

But I wandered often following whims

And the sinning went on still!



Surely what world flesh and the Devil,

Sinners we are, sinners all!

Self-righteousness, why should He bother,

Nothing good in me, at all.



Then why do I write this confession?

Must be some good inside!

NO!  Bad is bad and always will be!

How then can good reside?



The sinning willfully, then presuming

That the Lord will forgive.

How can anyone do this, ever?

Assuming to let us live.



Sin is SIN and always will be!

“Wages of sin is death!”

Remember Satan can and does condition

To breathe sin like his own breath–



Then the lie is, how can God forgive any?

“His mercy endures forever!”

“His compassion’s fail not,” but we question His

Ability to deliver!



Limit to compassion, NO!  They fail not!

Our weaknesses He will not condemn,

But we consider, believe our worries,

Do not let forgiveness in!



We sin willfully or accidentally.

Jesus died to forgive!

He wants you in heaven!  Believe it now!

Have faith in Him and live!



His compassion’s, high as the Heavens,

Mercy, deep as the sea!

I know!  Though I make mistakes so often,

He will never leave me!



That is His promise, “I will never leave nor forsake you!”



the Sam

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