You know every thought of my heart!

You catch my whispered prayers!

Know what I need before I ask,

But how?  You were once there.



Walked the waters of Galilee!

Thought fishes from the lake!

On to the fire that you had built!

Friends then came to partake!



You did not need!  For You are God!

The fish gladly bestow

Selves!  Just to honor their Maker!

As everything below!



Why His prime creation do not follow!

As the inanimate do!

Plagued with desire to follow self!

All else seems brand new.



Impossible to administer!

Just how do you suppose?

Maker of all!  Creator God!

And did He not propose–



All that is below and above!

And that slippery worm!

We use to catch the fish, observe

With endless sun that burns–



To everness suns and planets

The countless stars above.

Can anyone, our scientists,

Not worship God and love?



Many do in fact, all must!

Truly observe, no end

To what Our Creator God has done,

That man cannot comprehend!



Does God observe or even care?

Of many misnomers I have made?

Mistakes!  Oh, how we hate the Word!

Dying from old age!



that’s me, the Sam  11.16.12

Near end!

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