Troops only march while on parade.

In combat we just stagger,

Or combing that forest for enemy,

Quietly hand near trigger!



So we are marching to Zion,

Quite meaningless charade,

Never marching except to show!

To repeat, on parade!



As Christians moving upward,

The staggering more pronounced!

At times as battle weary

May appear unannounced–



Two troopers helping a wounded

Certainly not on march,

Staggering beneath the weight of one,

Forget about the starch!



Remembering this, this picture I see,

A trooper with a bloody foot.

Sure, helped by one on either side

Smiles happily, looking good!



That foot bloody, his ticket home!

So happy!  In spite of the pain!

In spite of, also, his walk will never

Ever be the same!



We stagger through life!  Marching is out!

No longer are we on show!

I may have someone helping along

The limp is real below!



Limping through ninety-four years of pain,

Body crooked,  too!

In Heaven, I will never limp again!

Straight!  Once out of this zoo!



Forgive this boy, it it not a zoo!

With such beauty all around!

Sheer staggering through Yosemite!

Nothing like it to be found!



With canyons deep, towering hills

No barren sand dunes there!

Wild the landscape!  Deep the gorge!

Gorgeous beyond compare!



sure, the Sam

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