Stand fast!  Is that not the way

To walk as a Christian everyday?

Stand fast in the liberty God directs!

Still walk with Him in spite of the pests

That storm your heart, inflicting desires,

Leading down!  But look up as God inspires!



Guiding upward!  It is the upward look!

That the pilgrim Christian always took!

He met the difficult, sure, everyday!

Climbing, committing, it is the only way!

Sure, hard at times but cannot you see,

Only way to grow through difficulty!



My son holds a hammer, photo I took,

So long ago, age four, but the look

Of determination, hitting that nail

And missing, of course, bound to fail!



But keep on trying as we grow,

Perfection culminates!  This we know

Sure, hammer gets lighter as we progress,

Strength with growth, ultimate success!



Looking to Jesus, as son looked to me

Sure, He passed by me, but I still try!

Looking to Jesus, a tear in my eye!

Keep looking to Him!  Then by and bye,

I shall be like Him eternally!

When in Heaven His face I see!



me, Sam 10.30.12

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