Decided for Jesus, like adrenalin charge,

Vitality thundered, this boy is in charge!

For example:  I led another to the Lord!

Exuberance!!  Could I any more afford?



Sure cooled off later, fire grew dim,

Though established it was!  I would live for Him!

I often fell back to the ‘old’ ways,

Then cried for forgiveness, up and down those days.



Those days, service days, of World War Two!

Philippine Islands, sure nothing to do,

But get shot at, killed, whittled down.  It is true!

Squad of 12, down to 4 often, and what’s new.



Six months without let-up, again down to 4.

After combing that forest, then war no more!

Peace!  Sweet sound of it!  Home stateside!

Prepare for preaching task, no free ride!



Then 30 years across the country, Pastorates filled,

Three-year man, east to west new sermons distilled.

Invited back at times but we kept plodding on!

California, of course, from most states upon!



Nothing like pure sunshine!  Roaming no more!

Settled back, of course, near Salton shore,

California all roaming is done!

Living for Jesus!  Do not need that old fun!



Fun is for kids, full pleasure the norm,

Soon grow out of this pattern, a senseless form,

Of activity leading just nowhere!

Now Heaven’s my home with souls I led there!



the Sam is going

Today is 10.29.12

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